Construction Productivity Improvement in Singapore


Depending on the construction productivity measurement of your country would signify how fast your country can construct buildings or do repair and renovation jobs. Most countries all over the world are trying their best to get a much higher construction productivity rating in order for them to garner more business ventures in their locality. While there are indeed some countries all over the world which are currently dominating in terms of construction productivity levels, some countries are not fortunate enough. Countries such as Singapore, US and Japan are known for their high productivity in construction ratings, which is why in this article we will provide you on some insight as to how Singapore improved their construction productivity in a significant level.

The first thing you need to know about safe construction productivity measurement is that it is mostly based on how fast construction in a country can go, and the higher the output of construction, the higher is the project productivity of the country as well. Safety is also essential to the construction productivity as well, since even a minor work related incident can sometimes halt the construction projects which can damage the construction productivity of the country as well. Thus, Singapore construction has safety protocols as well as construction safety measures and construction safety tools as well.

One of the main factor that greatly help Singapore on garnering a much higher productivity level is that they are nowadays using technological advancement in their favor. With the help of modernized equipment and machinery, most constructions are now conducted not only safely but quickly as well. It is also said that due to technologically advanced equipment and tools, Singapore construction productivity is now constantly improving by the rate of 1.3 percent every single year, which is a relatively high number. Learn more about construction at

Another main factor that would contribute greatly to the countries construction productivity is the man power of the construction force. The more man power you have, the better. But the thing is that, Singapore is actually a relatively small Asian country, and they are still known to have a relatively huge work force for their construction fields. This is mostly because of the fact that Singapore is actually hiring the much needed man power from other countries to fill up their man power work force. And the best thing about how they do it is that they are hiring people whom are not only highly trained but skillful workers as well.


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